From the trenches of the first drug wars, to the nightclubs of the Dixie Mafia, to godfathers and governors, to an unholy trinity of politics, crime, and business, to the halls of Congress and the inner sanctums of the White House, to the hollow boardrooms of corporate America, all the things that go bump in the night become real and monsters come out of the shadows.

A Southern Gothic nightmare plays out in Merle Temple's trilogy of murder, treachery, corruption, betrayal, love lost and found, faith, and redemption.


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The Michael Parker Quadrilogy

Under Contract with X-G Productions for a Proposed TV Series

The Michael Parker Quadrilogy
Signed by the Author $25

A Ghostly Shade of Pale,
Signed by the Author $25

A Rented World,
Signed by the Author $25

The Redeemed,
Signed by the Author $25

All Prices Include Shipping The Complete Michael Parker Quadrilogy,
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Book Reviews

"A loud ring of truth, a gut-wrenching authenticity, a compelling, brutal honesty. He literally bleeds on the pages of his descriptive books and leaves nothing on the table...a great storyteller writing to all of your senses."
— Jim Clemente, Writer/Producer, Criminal Minds

"Captures the South...evocative of some of the great Southern writers..."
― Allison Hope Weiner, Media Mayhem, Beverly Hills.

"Leave the gun, take the cannoli, and buy his books!"
— John Martino, Actor (Paulie in The Godfather)

"The next ‘superstar author'...a remarkable talent!"
— Susan Reichert, Editor, Southern Writers Magazine

"A literary style that only grows in the Deep South. Romance and brutality merge..."
― Adele Elliott, Real Media Radio.

"Reminiscent of Thomas Wolfe...gangsters and ghosts...reach out and grab you by the throat in broad emerging author with a true gift for words."
— Robert Lee Long, Editor, De Soto Times

"...betrayal, heartache...the wrong side of powerful men who thrive in the dark shadows of power..."
— Mark H. Stowers, Clarion-Ledger

― Mississippi Magazine.

"A master at delivering spiritual messages within secular bindings..."
— K.B. Schaller, Indian Life Newspaper

"A masterpiece..."
— Lisa Love, Southern Reader Magazine

"God's power made perfect in weakness...the author bares his soul."
— J.J. Jasper, American Family Radio

"A phenomenal writer...leaves you speechless...hang on to every word."
— Tammie Tubbs, Christian Television Network

"Shows us how to rise from the ashes; to break out of self-imposed prisons begin again."
— Susan Reichert, Southern Writers Magazine

"Paints pictures of cruelty and humanity, and plants a flag for faith in a barren land."
— Lynn W. Grubb, Federal Bureau of Prisons Counselor (Ret.)

"Well-crafted plots, flesh-and-blood heroes, and the nitty-gritty battle between good and evil..."
— Bryan Fischer, American Family Radio

"A master of the English language..."
— T.K. Moffett, U.S. Major General (Ret.)