From the trenches of the first drug wars to the nightclubs of the Dixie Mafia, godfathers and governors forge Faustian deals in an unholy trinity of politics, crime, and business. Treachery and betrayal make for a toxic stew in the halls of Congress, the inner sanctums of the White House, and the hollow boardrooms of corporate America. All the things that go bump in the night become real, and monsters come out of the shadows.

A Southern Gothic nightmare plays out in the Michael Parker series—graveyards, gangsters, murder, mayhem, corruption, seduction, love lost and found, faith, and redemption.  Read the books Hollywood can't stop talking about, and English teachers have made required reading for English students in middle schools, high schools, and colleges.


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The Michael Parker Quadrilogy

Under Contract with X-G Productions for a Proposed TV Series

The Michael Parker Quadrilogy
Signed by the Author $25

A Ghostly Shade of Pale,
Signed by the Author $25

A Rented World,
Signed by the Author $25

The Redeemed,
Signed by the Author $25

All Prices Include Shipping The Complete Michael Parker Quadrilogy,
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Book Reviews

"As soon as the X-G Productions team read A Ghostly Shade of Pale we knew that it would make a great series. We predict that the books' unique combination of engrossing crime with issues of faith and religion will have huge appeal to two of the biggest current media fan bases. The books chronicle a series of stranger than fiction historical events that only Merle could write about with such authenticity, because he lived them. His writing is so cinematic that a movie or TV series leaps off the pages as you read the books. We can't wait to bring these riveting stories to life."
― Jim Clemente, X-G Productions President, Writer/Producer-Criminal Minds, Hollywood

"What is on sale? You name it, they’ve got it. Bodies, buildings, allegiance, honor, integrity – all can be bought if you can meet the asking price...All the extreme emotions and human qualities are invoked: repentance, purity, revenge, honesty, malice, regret and redemption all cry out to us for that of the Greek warrior, it is a journey of wandering, omens, tragedies, friendships and, ultimately, a homecoming. The prose is brimful of anger, passion, love and regret. As allegorical as it is actual...the whole narrative across the three books is, for the most part, a factual account of the adult life of Merle Temple. He has used some fictional devices to make sure that the books read well as novels, but other than that, they are his life story..."
― Fully Booked, England

"Merle Temple is to writing what Rembrandt was to art. Merle creates written masterpieces."
― Southern Reader Magazine, Atlanta

"Stark, yet beautiful collision of the Divine with the desperate and dangerous."
― Christian Talk That Rocks

"Should be sent around the world for all who want a second rise from the ashes, to breakout of self-imposed prisons, to begin again."
― Southern Writer Magazine, Memphis